Special Information for College Students

We know that being away at college makes it very difficult to attend the orientations and car washes. (That’s why “young adult” leader status is only extended to our veterans.) Don’t worry, we have you covered.

The “young adult” category is tricky, because while it comes with additional privileges, it also comes with additional responsibilities. And yet, we can’t extend quite all the privileges and responsibilities of the older adults.

For example, you aren’t yet old enough to drive the vans, unless it’s an emergency. It’s possible we’ll be putting you on a crew as one of the two adult leaders. You will get to come to all the adult leader meetings at the center. You’ll also have to shower during the adult shower time. You are close to the same age as the youth, so you have a cool factor and they’ll want you to hang out with them–and we want that too. We expect you to know, exemplify, and help enforce the ASP rules, and we will expect the youth to respect your authority the same as any other adult in that regard.

One responsibility that usually falls to the young adults is acting as chaperones in the youth sleeping area during the trips down and back. By counting on you to oversee things, our drivers can be well-rested and our driving time will be safer.

So, we are really glad to have you coming on the trip again! We know that you can’t make it to all the orientations and other events leading up to the trip, so your forms package has a special covenant in it that excuses you from certain things.