Packing Up and Heading Out

This year’s 129 volunteers are about to head out to Appalachia to serve in two counties in Kentucky!

We pack the vans on Friday, July 1st, in the back parking lot of Jesse Lee Church.

  • The vans will be arranged by center in the back lot. Please park in the main lot.
  • Bring all of your tools and your week bag. Pack in a soft-sided duffel, no hard suitcases allowed. Please see this packing list .
  • Check in with your crew leader. Turn in your COVID form.
  • Put your tools in the floor storage area of your crew van and put your week bag in the car top carrier of your crew van.

We depart for Appalachia on Saturday, July 2, from Jesse Lee church.

  • Crew leaders report at 7:00 AM. All youth report at 7:30 PM. All parents and siblings should come along, too.
  • The vans will be arranged by center.
  • Check in with your crew leader when you arrive.
  • Bring your sleeping bag, pillow, lunch, and overnight bag. These items will be placed behind the seat of the van you’re riding in. You’ll ride in a van that is assigned to your center.
  • Our send-off ceremony will be held on the front steps of the church (or indoors in case of rain). We will honor our career kids, present the John Ward Award, and commission all of our volunteers.
  • After the ceremony and a bathroom stop, load up in your van. Family members can line up along the exit of the back parking lot to cheer on the caravans as we pull out.

If you have any questions about packing, loading, or heading out, please contact your crew leader.