Packing and Departing

The success of the ASP trip is highly dependent on proper preparation, and that is true for packing. Every participant should download the packing list and follow the instructions carefully.

We will pack the vans on Friday night at 6:30 PM. We will gather for departure at 7:30 AM on Saturday. Be sure to bring a lunch.

Do not bring laptops, tablets or lots of money, If you bring cell phones you may not use them at the work site other than to take occasional pictures. Although we do the best we can, we cannot ensure the security of any valuable items at the center.

Laundry facilities are NOT available so bring enough clothes for the entire week. Expect a week of dirt, sweat, paint and tar. Do not pack your favorite shirt or best jeans for work.

Sweatpants, shorts, half shirts, halter tops are not allowed at the work site. All clothing worn at the center must be modest (i.e., no short shorts, halters). Apparel may not display beer/alcohol slogans or obscenities.

Be sure to mark the tools that you bring, because they will tend to look a lot like somebody else’s. The same consideration might be given to your work boots.

How to Pack

Pack two bags: a bag for the week, and an overnight bag for the trip down Saturday and Sunday.

Use a soft duffle bag for your week-bag–no hard-sided suitcases. You will bring your week-bag to Jesse Lee Friday evening before the trip. Make sure that you check in with your crew leader and place your week-bag in your crew’s van. If your bag goes to the wrong county, it cannot be retrieved.

Be sure you have everything in your overnight bag that you will need for Saturday night and Sunday–sleeping clothes, fresh clothes for the morning, tooth brush, deodorant, medications,  and so forth. You will not have access to your week-bag until you arrive at the center on Sunday afternoon.

Bring a Lunch

Be sure to bring a lunch that you can eat on the way down Saturday. We stop at a rest stop for lunch, where there is no place to buy food.

Download the Packing List