All ASP volunteers are required to attend and participate in all of our pre-trip orientations.

To satisfy the orientation requirement, volunteers must attend all four orientation programs to learn about the Appalachian culture and local poverty as well as the “Three S’s” – safety, sensitivity and stewardship.  Each of the first three sessions will be offered twice – you only need to attend one.  The final orientation will only be offered once.  At this time, orientations are scheduled to be in-person.  Specific times are being worked out and will be posted soon. 

The dates are as follows:

    • Orientation 1 – February 9th and February 15th
    • Orientation 2 – March 23rd and March 29th
    • Orientation 3 – April 27th and May 3rd
    • Orientation 4 – June 8th – Only one date for this orienation

Contact: Deb Ahle, 203-438-6782