If you are looking for something worthwhile to do this summer, the ASP experience is for you!
It is a lot of work and a considerable time commitment, but there is nothing else like it.


Registration is done online. You will need to have all of your information handy before you start, including: personal data, emergency contacts, medical history (including tetanus shot date), insurance information and credit card/banking details.

Registration will be opening soon….

If you are going to be serving with Jesse Lee ASP locally, please register here:

If you are going to be serving with Jesse Lee ASP down in Appalachia, please register here:
When you submit your registration form online, you will be redirected back to this website’s Forms page. Please print out and complete the required forms. Completed forms can be turned in at Orientation meetings. Additionally, we will have Form Drop Off Meetings where you can submit your required paperwork. You cannot do any skill training until your registration is completed and your signed forms are turned in.

If you have questions regarding registration, you may contact us at jesseleeasp@gmail.com


All ASP volunteers are required to attend and participate in all of our pre-trip orientations.

To satisfy the orientation requirement, volunteers must attend all four orientation programs to learn about the Appalachian culture and local poverty as well as the “Three S’s” – safety, sensitivity and stewardship.  Each of the first three sessions will be offered twice – you only need to attend one.  The final orientation will only be offered once.  At this time, orientations are scheduled to be in-person.  Specific times are being worked out and will be posted soon. 

The dates are as follows:

    • Orientation 1 – February 9th and February 15th
    • Orientation 2 – March 23rd and March 29th
    • Orientation 3 – April 27th and May 3rd
    • Orientation 4 – June 8th – Only one date for this orienation

Contact: Deb Ahle, 203-438-6782

Basic Skills Training for First-Timers

Anyone who has not been on ASP before is required to attend a 2.5-hour session that will include brief lectures and demonstrations on work site safety. It will also include instruction and supervised individual practice on the safe use of the circular saw, power drill, and hammer. Click “read more” to get additional information and sign up.

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Wheelchair Ramp Building

All ASP participants are required to participate in a wheelchair ramp building session. This 5 hour session is designed to imitate a standard workday on the ASP trip. Participants will be assigned a work crew based on experience and will assist in the assembly of several segments of a wheelchair ramp. Click “read more” to get additional information and sign up.

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Car Washes

ASP participants are required to work a car washes prior to the trip. Car washes are held on Saturdays in the front driveway of Jesse Lee, with two shifts: 10:30 AM – 1:45 PM, and 1:30 PM – 4:45 PM. Click “read more” to get additional information and sign up.

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Stock Sales

Everyone participating in ASP is expected to sell 25 shares of $10 “ASP Stock.”

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Packing & Departing FOR APPALACHIA

The success of the ASP trip is highly dependent on proper preparation, and that is true for packing. Every participant should download the packing list and follow the instructions carefully.

We will pack the vans on Friday, June 24, at 6:30 PM. We will gather for departure at 7:30 AM on Saturday, June 25. Be sure to bring a lunch.

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