Pack the Vans
March 29, 2020
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Be sure to pack correctly for the success of this trip.

  1. Download the packing list.
  2. Pack everything you need for the week in a soft duffel bag. You will load this bag into the car-top carrier on your crew’s van. You will not see this bag again until you arrive at the center on Sunday afternoon.
  3. Pack a smaller bag with whatever you need for Saturday night and Sunday morning. Bring that bag, along with your sleeping bag, pillow, and lunch, with you on Saturday morning and put it in the van you’re riding in.

When you arrive to pack the vans, be sure to check in with your crew leader. Make sure you see your bag going into the van. Do not just dump it and leave.

For All Volunteers and Parents

Location: Jesse Lee Church
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