Car Washes

ASP participants are required to work at two car washes prior to the trip. Car washes are held on Saturdays between March and June, in the front driveway of Jesse Lee, with two shifts: 10:30 AM – 1:45 PM, and 1:30 PM – 4:45 PM.

Shorts that are not too short and sandals or flip-flops are permitted at car washes. T-shirts need to adhere to the same guidelines as work site T-shirts (long enough to tuck in, no sleeveless shirts, no low necklines).

In case of rain, you might get a message that the car wash has been canceled. If you do not receive a message, you should report at the regular time, as there may be an alternative project for you to work on.

Youth who have participated in ASP for at least two years can sign up to be a Youth Car Wash Leader. The Youth Leader must be prepared to show up early, help direct the youth, help wash cars, stay after the car wash to make sure everything is cleaned up, and provide a higher level of responsibility than the typical car wash volunteer. In exchange for this extra effort, the Youth Leader is only required to do ONE car wash.

Car Wash Contact: Bill and Sharon Dornfeld, 203-241-8705

Car Wash Sign Ups

     April 4 – Spring Break & ACTs                                              May 30 – Day after Sr. Prom
     April 11 – Spring Break & Easter Weekend                        June 6 – SATs
     May 2 – SATs                                                                              June 13 – ACTs
     May 16 – Jr. Prom                                                                      June 20 – Day after Graduation
     May 23 – Memorial Day Weekend