It is deeply disappointing to announce that the entire national ASP summer program is canceled. The health risks of volunteers traveling to Appalachia this summer is too great. For those who have gone on ASP before, we know the joy that this trip brings. To this year’s first-timers, we are sad that your ASP experience is delayed. We especially are sorry for the 6,000+ homeowners in Appalachia who have applied for assistance this summer … and who now must wait another long year for help.

Volunteers who were registered for this year’s Jesse Lee ASP trip – and those who purchased stock – should have received emails explaining options regarding funds raised, including the choice of letting the funds remain as tax-deductible donations. If you were not contacted or have questions, please send a note to

Any additional contributions will be helpful in sustaining the national ASP program through this difficult time. Click on the “Make A Donation” tab at the top of this page.

Jesse Lee ASP is hoping to raise additional funds by reviving its familiar Saturday car washes in front of the church once social-distancing rules are relaxed.


Appalachia Service Project

ASP is a hands-on home-repair ministry that is sponsored locally by  Jesse Lee Church. It is about making a huge difference for families who live in the mountains of West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina, some of the most poverty-stricken areas of our country. We work to make their homes warmer, safer and drier.

Prior to our nine-day trip, there is intensive power tool safety training, cultural education and fund raising. The trip is open to any student currently in the ninth grade and above. We encourage all youth and adults from Ridgefield or surrounding communities to participate, regardless of their faith affiliation.

Countdown until ASP 2021!