ASP 2020

Please continue to check your emails and this website as that is our way of disseminating information to you all.

As per our recent email, here is the link for the second orientation. 

Second Orientation

We are moving forward cautiously, keeping in mind safety is of the utmost importance.  Until, further notice, all in-person activities (car washes, skill trainings) are being cancelled.  As time goes on, we hope to have a better feel for the status of the corona virus and possible alternatives to re-scheduling missed events. If you have any specific questions, please send an email to

The link below is a compilation of the communications that Walter Crouch, CEO of ASP has sent out.



June 27 – July 5 ~

Appalachia Service Project is a hands-on home-repair ministry that is sponsored locally by  Jesse Lee Church. It is about making a huge difference for families who live in the mountains of West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina, some of the most poverty-stricken areas of our country. We work to make their homes warmer, safer and drier.

Prior to our nine-day trip, there is intensive power tool safety training, cultural education and fund raising. The trip is open to any student currently in the ninth grade and above. We encourage all youth and adults from Ridgefield or surrounding communities to participate, regardless of their faith affiliation.

37 Years

of making homes warmer, safer, and drier!