Petros Papadopoulos wins the John Ward Award

  Petros Papadopolous, a recent graduate of Ridgefield High School, is the first winner of the John Ward “Love in Action” Award, a $1000 scholarship presented by Jesse Lee ASP. The award was established this year in honor of John Ward’s 30th trip with the Appalachia Service Project and to recognize his longtime, passionate pursuit of serving others. Applicants need to have been on our trip at least once, demonstrate a commitment to community service, and be enrolled in an accredited college or university for the fall semester.

  Petros first came on ASP as a freshman and viewed community service as something that would look really good on his college application. But after spending a week on ASP, that mindset changed when he saw how his crew’s efforts affected their homeowner. In his application, he wrote, “I wondered whether my community service … would really change anything, (but) I’ve learned…Not only does community service allow me to make a significant impact on others…it makes a significant impact on me.”

  In addition to ASP, Petros is an active member of Lion’s Heart National Service Organization, an officer with Ridgefield Music and Arts Center, an acolyte and member of the volunteer committee at his church, and one of the best place kickers the Ridgefield Tigers have ever had. He has been on ASP with us twice and has served on our orientation team the last three years, despite not being able to go on the trip that last two.

  Petros will be attending Northeastern University in the fall to major in computer science.